How Many Amps Does A Food Truck Need? Best Detailed Guide [2021]

To start a food truck business, you need some types of equipment to provide your food services. But the question is how to use electrical types of equipment in your food truck? Of course, you need a supply of power that can run your food truck kitchen.

Now, the question is How Many Amps Does A Food Truck Need to run your kitchen? So here is the direct answer.

30 to 50 Amps are usually the power any food truck needs. We will suggest that you use the power supplier more than your required electricity. So you can add more appliances easily in the future. The best effective way to power your food truck is using a dual fuel generator or solar panels.

If you want to store your food in the refrigerator, then you need a power supply. Many types of equipment like microwave oven, blender, fryer, and lights need electricity to keep your food services.

Stick to this guide as there are many factors to consider before determining the amp required for a food truck.

How Many Amps Does A Food Truck Need?

How Many Amps Does A Food Truck Need? (Answered)

The first thing that you have to do is to figure out the total energy of your food truck kitchen. Normally, an appliance consists of a label where the current should be listed with the model or the serial number of the equipment.

You can also find the required voltage on the label or manual. If the equipment is household equipment, then you can manage it using 120V. Plugs are usually 120V, 125V, 240V, or 250V.

To calculate the Amps, you have to divide Watts by voltage. For example, the refrigerator in your food truck is 1200 watts and 120V, and then by calculating the equation, the Amps will be 10 Amps.

It means that you have to buy a generator or other power source with a minimum power of 10A. That’s the easy way to figure out the maximum power of your types of equipment and then add all the Amps of the electric appliances on the board.

Some equipment uses maximum power to start, like a fryer machine, freezer, and blender. So keep in mind that the source of energy you will use will provide energy maximum according to your total Amps on board.

Adding up all the amperes of all types of equipment on board makes sure that your power source is higher than the required energy.

In a food truck, the maximum use of power will be less than 50 Amps. But for safety purposes, use the 50 Amps generator or other power sources.

After some time of starting your business, you will have to upgrade your food truck to increase your food services and connect more electric devices to the board.

While setting up your electric wires, make sure that the main power line can pass 50 Amps.

If you are using a low-quality wire or having a low capacity to pass the current, the heat produced can melt the wire, and it can cause serious troubles.

List Of Appliances With Their Watts Used In A Food Truck

Here are the list of some vey commonly used electric appliances used in a food truck with their average watts.

Appliance Starting Watts Running Watts
Blender 650 250
Toaster 250 250
Freezer (Small) 550 350
5 Light Bulbs 300 300
Refrigerator  1250 195
Fan 200 150

Lets say you want to use blender, refrigerator, 5 light bulbs and toaster simultaneously on a running generator

so the overall required power for your food truck will be = 650 + 1,250 + 300 + 250 = 2450 watts

Best Effective Ways To Power Your Food Truck

Propane, gas, or diesel tank generators and solar panels are the best way to power your food truck. If you have a food truck and want to supply power to your food truck, use these power suppliers to run your food truck kitchen.

1. Dual Fuel Generator (Gas and Propane Operated):

A portable generator is a moveable generator that you can fix in your food truck easily. The generator converts fuel or gas into electricity, which can be used in your food truck to run your appliances.

You can get a lightweight, portable generator in the weight range from 60 to 100 lbs. Furthermore, you can move it with the help of wheels and can fix it in your truck.

You can say that a generator is like a car engine but small and moveable. Likewise, you give fuel to your car, and then it converts into electricity, and your car runs.

With this same procedure, you have to give fuel or gas to the generator, and the generator will burn the fuel into electricity.

The generator has outlets on it, and you have to connect the generator to your food truck with the help of a power cord.

Whenever you buy a generator for your food truck, keep in mind the Amps you require always buy a generator higher than the required energy.

In case, if you add more appliances, then the generator could provide you required power.

A tank of the high-quality generator allows it to run for around 6-10 hours continuously. You can choose a generator for a big or small tank. However, you can also use propane to power your generators if your generator has a dual fuel feature.

Keep in mind the exhaustion of the air from the generator. Fix it in a way that the air exhausts outside of the food truck; otherwise, it can harm your health and spoil your food.

2. Solar Panels:

Solar panels are also valuable for the use of food trucks. A solar panel helps to transform the light into electrical energy.

Using solar panels is a one-time payment for your food truck and you will receive evergreen energy in return. In the daytime you can get the energy directly from sun rays, However, you can use batteries in the nighttime that will help you to power most of your appliances.

Please don’t cover the solar panel and place it at the top of the truck where the sunlight touches it directly in order to get the maximum energy.

Solar panels are much more expensive than generators for the use of food trucks. But once you invest in solar panels, it will provide you with a long-lasting service of electricity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding  food truck and thier power needs that might interest you:

What is the best way to power a food truck?

The best way to provide electricity to your food truck is propane, diesel, or gas-powered generators. Generators are reliable and not so expensive. The one thing you have to do is refill the tank of fuel or gas cylinder.

What size generator do I need to run a food truck?

According to your appliances, Amps, and maximum use of equipment, a 30 to 50 Amps generator will be perfect for running a food truck.

Can you power a food truck with a solar panel?

Yes, you can use a solar panel to power a food truck, but most people prefer a generator to a solar panel because the solar panel is much more expensive than a generator.

How Many Amps Does A Food Truck Need?: Final Words

30 to 50 Amps are usually the power of a food truck. We will suggest that you use the power supplier more than your required electricity.

So that in the future, if you want to add more appliances, you can add them without any hesitation or worry about power. You can use a generator of 30 to 50 Amps in your truck.

I hope this guide will clear all your queries related to food truck and their power requirements. Feel free to ask anything if you still have more queries. I will try to answer your queries ASAP.

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