How To Charge Generac Generator Battery Properly That Last Longer?

Charging generators batteries is not a big deal but charging it properly in order to last longer is something that many of us don’t know. This proper charging increases your generator’s battery life span up to one year or more.

Now How To Charge Generac Generator Battery properly to last longer?

To charge your Generac generator battery, first, you need to plug the charger of the battery into the wall. After that, make sure you have utility power and have connected the battery with your generator properly, then plug the charger’s other ends into the generator’s charging port. Now your generator’s battery is ready to charge.

In comparison, the Generac generators are not much different from other inverter generations. But some internal electronic components might be different.

Specifically, the generac family generators are also called backup generations. That means these generators do not come as a replacement power supply for grid electricity.

How To Charge Generac Generator Battery?

What is Generac’s Company?

Mainly, Generac is a visionary company offering environment-friendly products that operate in a manner that is safe for the ecosystem.

Furthermore, the products are designed in such a manner so that the user may enjoy the comfort of environmentally friendly energy back up.

Why Are Generac Generators Important?

As per the perception of “Jake Thomas” (Director of service operations) at Generac company, the Generac generators are more portable, and you can easily back it up.

You will love to know that there are some important appliances in-built inside this generator. That makes it unique and different from others.

More importantly, it can provide power to the entire home and can run continuously until power returns. 

Features and versatility

More importantly, they usually come in handy shape, for instance, if you require power in an emergency. The portable generator is especially designed for you to take anywhere any time along with you.

Furthermore, You can also carry them while camping in your RV or wherever the quiet operation is essential. You will be amazed to know that you can also utilize it especially when you are going to work in remote areas.

You can also utilize them as;

  • To the construction of business,
  • For Gas and oil field operations,
  • Telecommunications and
  • Other small-scale businesses as well.

Additionally,  they have the capability to operate in a variety of temperature settings. They are fully customizable and are available in different models.

Firstly, they are highly responsive generators because of their backup feature inserted inside them.

Blackouts and potential cuts can last for numerous days when the utility company is undergoing problems of some kind.

How To Charge Generac Generator Battery Properly To Last Longer?

For this, first, you need to plug the charger of the battery into the wall. After that, make sure you have utility power. So that you can charge the battery easily.

After properly connecting the battery to your generator, then plug in the charger to the wall and plug the charger end into the generator’s charging port.

Eventually, your generator’s battery is ready to charge, do charge it for up to 24 hours every three months.

Dont’s for Generac Generator Battery

You must be sure that you do not overcharge the battery. Because maybe you need to charge the battery more often. Again it depends on how much time you use the generator.


Some larger portables, such as GP batteries are usually loaded while doing normal operations. But most of the units do not have the ability to self-charge. For this reason, the electricity start units come with a wall charger.

Additional Information

Some units also feature a 12 volt DC battery charging receptacle to recharge a separate automotive-style battery. At the same time, the generator is in operation. 

Tips To Maintain Your Generac Generator Battery To Last Longer

After knowing about all the major factors of the Generac generator battery now it is time to have some knowledge of what you need to do in order to maintain the Generac generator battery to last longer.

1. Run Your Generac Generator Every Few Months

Everything needs time and attention, same as with your Generac generator. You should run your generator every few months.

According to electrical experts’ opinion, your generator needs to run at least once a month so that the electric starter’s battery should be fresh and charged.

2. Check And Balance Of Fuel

You must check the fuel on a daily basis. It does not matter if you use your Generac generator a couple of times every year. If that is the case, do not make the mistake of leaving old gasoline sitting in the generator’s fuel tank.

On the other hand, to prevent stale fuel, you can also add a fuel stabilizer to the tank, or you can also keep the remaining gas empty at least once a year.

I will not recommend you to leave the oil, because it sparks a fire up.

3. Check Out The Fuel lines.

As long as you utilize your Generac generator, this is your responsibility to check out the fuel lines. Because it can be cracked, torn, or clogged.

Furthermore, that can create a problem while supplying gas from reaching the fuel system. Eventually, your generator will not be able to Start Quickly and run efficiently.


Here are some of most frequently asked questions about generac generator battery and its maintenance

Does The Generator Charge The Battery While Running?

Yes, some generators have the ability to charge the battery while running, but most of the generators do not have sufficient quality to charge while running.

How Long Does A Generac Generator Battery Last?

Generac generator battery can probably run continuously for many hours if fully charged. On the other hand, it also depends on the quality of the battery.

However, the Generac generator has maintenance requirements of the engine And can last many hours. Furthermore, the batteries need to be changed between 24 and 36 months, every two to three years.

How To Change The Battery In The Generac Generator?

For changing the Generac generator battery, it is essential to first disconnect the battery charger to avoid dropping the shorting of the charger.

Now simply push the ends together, after that, press the connector button and pull the pieces away from each other. You should remember to reconnect it once the battery is replaced.

Now there is a need to use a ½ inch wrench to disconnect the actual battery. After that, remember to wash your hands.

What Size Battery Is Needed For A 22KW Generac Generator?

The General offers the suggested 26R wet cell battery applicable for virtually all residential Generac standby generators.

Can You Use A Car Battery In A Generac Generator?

Yes, you can use a car battery in a Generac generator.  For this, you need to keep a trickle charging system on the generator so that you can use a car battery.


Generac generators are very helpful when it comes to hurricanes, storms, or any bad weather but what if I tell you that without a properly charged battery you may face very serious troubles and in most cases, you won’t be able to use your generator.

That’s why taking care of your battery will help you increase your battery lifespan and can save you money.

I hope this guide will help you solve your queries. If you still have confusion with other things, please let me know. I will try to answer as soon as possible.

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