How to Reset Maintenance on Generac Generator? Best Detailed Guide [2021]

Generac’s home backup generators can be used to provide power for your family during power outages. But With time, your generator will need to be maintained to get the best results. The question now is: How do you maintain it?

How to reset maintenance on Generac generator?

Check the oil first. If it is darkened or has dirt, change it. Then, change the generator’s spark plugs if it is damaged, corroded, or needs to be repaired. If the generator has been used for longer than two months, you will need to replace the air filter. Finally, read the Generac generator maintenance manual for additional maintenance tips.

Both the Air Cooled and the Liquid Cooled Generac generator are almost the same. For each message you see coming up, you can hit the ‘Enter’ key twice. Make sure you don’t only clear them and perform the maintenance work! In the absence of a dealer access code, you can’t do it.

How to reset maintenance on Generac generator?

How to Reset Maintenance on Generac Generator After Oil Change?

Regular maintenance and oil changes help maintain the proper functioning of your generator. After the first month or 50 hours of usage, it is recommended to change the oil of your generator.

Resetting the generator’s maintenance after the oil change can be done by turning the generator in first. Then press the ENTER button and turn it off.

It depends mostly on the model or age of the generators; you may not see your generator’s ENTER button. In this case, the generator can be set in the switch-off position.

After turning it off, you have to wait 30 seconds. Turn your generator in the MANUAL position after 30 seconds. Then, your generator should be activated. You should test it and run it for five minutes if the generator starts.

Shut it off again once it runs for 5 minutes. Then, please wait 30 seconds again, make sure it is switched off totally. You may then move the unit to AUTO.

How to Reset Yellow Light on Generac Generator?

Generac generators have three different lights which are present outside. Each light has a special significance. They are available in the colors red, green, and yellow.

Everything is alright with the green light. When the light turns yellow, the system requires maintenance. The yellow light can also cause the battery charger of the generator to lose power.

One or two times a year, it is quite normal to notice a blink of yellow light. Remember, this is only a reminder of your generator’s maintenance.

Here is how you can reset your yellow light on your Generac generator:

  1. Firstly, identify your generator’s age and model.
  2. Resetting the yellow light will be simple if it is a new generator.
  3. It would be better to first turn off the machine.
  4. Then, double-click the Enter button. Make it slowly and carefully.
  5. Then press AUTO to activate the machine.

How to Reset Red Light on Generac Generator?

The function of the red light in Generac generators is different from the yellow light. If you see a red light, you should understand a fault instead of a yellow light.

It has not been very accurate and needs maintenance. It is best to fix the error by which the light status of a generator is red. The generator won’t run if you don’t fix it.

Here is how you can reset your red light on your Generac generator:

  1. Click the button OFF.
  2. Then click the links below. (Up, up, ESC, down, up, ESC, up ENTER)
  3. To navigate the ‘DEALER’ word, use the up button and then press ENTER.
  4. Then select the EDIT option for DEALER.
  5. Search for reset maintenance using the ‘Up’ button.
  6. Once the reset option is found, click ENTER.
  7. To view the display, press the button ESC

By seeing that your backup generator starts approximately 10-15 seconds after a power outage, you may know about the operation of the generator.

To fully power up, it takes another 10-15 seconds. it will be done with full power within 30 seconds after a dropout, which is less time than you may need to find a flashlight


Here are some of most frequently asked questions about Generac generator and its maintenance

How Much Does Generac Generator Maintenance Cost?

Generac generators need to be maintained annually to get the best results. Generac offers a $200 annual check service contract. A few professionals, however, offer lower-cost check options of $80 to $150 per year. You can also have the fuel type checked for $100 to $300.

How To Remove The Front Panel Of A Generac Generator?

To remove the Generac generator’s front panel, there are two bolts at the top. remove them and then pull the panel up. You can then remove the battery but be careful not to touch the leads as it still has to charge power.

What Oil Goes In A 22kw Generac Generator?

Generac Full Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-30 has been recommended by the Generac manufacturer. It is to be used with the 22kw Generac Generator for the best maintenance results

How Many Quarts Of Oil Does The Generac Generator Take?

Generac generator requires 2 quarts Full Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-30 specially designed for an air-cooled engine. The oil should not be added too much as it can reduce engine lubrication and air filter effectiveness.

How Do I Turn Off The Yellow Light On My Generac Generator?

Turn off the machine first. Next, tap “enter” twice to switch it back to auto. The yellow light should blink at least once per year.


Nowadays, a Generac generator is a must-have. It is quite practical to have a generator in your home for different situations.

Maintaining a Generac generator is not as hard as it appears.

You should always have a maintenance kit on hand to check every part of the Generac generator whenever necessary. It will then be simple and practical to reset your generator’s maintenance. Charging Generac generator battery properly is also good practice of generator maintenance

I hope this guide will help you solve all your queries about How to reset maintenance on Generac generator? If you still have confusion with other things, please let me know. I will try to answer as soon as possible.

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